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 In addition to previously scheduled work, please be advised that the schedule for interim committee meetings of the House of Representatives is as follows:  
 In assembling the structure and leadership team for the 2010-12 Florida House of Representatives, I am committed to doing more than publishing a list of roles and assigning Members to those roles. I intend to define responsibilities and communicate expectations in the hope of bringing to our institution a culture of clarity and accountability.  
 2010-2012 Proposed Committee and Subcommittee Structure  
 To see the full rules of the Florida House, please review the accompanying pdf.  
 Speaker-designate Cannon released the following memorandum detaiing Committee Chair Assignments for 2010-2012:  
 For scheduling purposes, please be aware of the following upcoming events:  
 Dear Governor Crist: I am in receipt of your September 14, 2010 letter requesting Legislative Budget Commission (LBC) consideration of items that were not on the LBC’s agenda on September 14, 2010. As you are aware, the reason these items were not placed on the agenda is because the approval of such amendments by the LBC would be unlawful.  
 Today I received a message from the Senate President, a copy of which is attached along with my response. I agree fully with President Atwater that we are not ready to legislate with respect to the oil spill.  
 Right now state leaders should be focusing on protecting our state’s pristine coastlines and beaches, as well as those Floridians who may be impacted economically in the wake of this environmental disaster in the Gulf.  
 Today I am providing the initial budget allocations to the Appropriations committees to guide the drafting of the House version of the 2010 General Appropriations Bill.  
 Having consulted with the House Sergeant, and pursuant to Rule 8.10(a)(1), we will continue the policy that only floral arrangements and reasonably-sized live plants will be approved for distribution in the House Chamber on the opening day of Session, March 2, 2010. All floral arrangements and plants will be inspected and the Chamber will be secured. The Chamber will be opened for members one hour before the session begins.  
 In light of the state's budgetary circumstances, there may be claim bills that have or will be filed which cannot possibly be funded this year.  
 As you are aware, because of the ongoing recession, Florida employers are facing dramatic increases in unemployment compensation taxes beginning this year and continuing for several years.  
 In order to ensure our members have a good understanding of HB 1B...  
 During the past few months, the House and Senate have engaged in extensive discussions to determine whether the state can take advantage of new opportunities that may enhance our transportation infrastructure without increasing taxes.  
 This is to provide each of you with the best information I have available about the possibility of a special session in December.  
 I wanted to let you know that Chairman Galvano and I met yesterday with George Skibine, Acting Chair of the National Indian Gaming Commission, to discuss the status of the current proposed gaming compact as well as our concerns with the Tribe's continued operation of Class III games in the absence of a compact. I am attaching a letter that I sent to Mr. Skibine this morning that sets forth the principal substance of what was discussed.  
 Complaint 09-01 – Retention of Independent Counsel  
 2009-2010 Council / Committee Reassignments (The PDF includes the listing of each Council / Committee Assignment by Member, By Council / Committee and Meeting Block.  
 Please open pdf for Statement of Alleged Violation and Exhibits.  
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