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TO:                         Members, Florida House of Representatives


FROM:                  Dean Cannon, Speaker


DATE:                    February 28, 2012


RE:                          Budget Conference


Below please find the list of conference managers appointed to negotiate the FY 2012-2013 budget as well as a tentative schedule for conference meetings.  The chairs, vice chairs, and ranking members of fiscal committees and subcommittees were appointed to the appropriate budget conferences.  Other appointments were based on Member requests, which I attempted to accommodate to the extent possible. 


Also, please find attached the House and Senate agreed-upon budget conference allocations.


House Budget Conference


House Chair:                      Rep. Denise Grimsley


Conference Managers At-Large:              



Rep. Aubuchon

Rep. Chestnut

Rep. Dorworth

Rep. Frishe

Rep. Holder

Rep. Hukill

Rep. Jones

Rep. Legg

Rep. Lopez-Cantera

Rep. McKeel

Rep. Sands

Rep. Saunders

Rep. Schenck

Rep. Snyder

Rep. Weatherford





5001      General Appropriations Act

5003      Implementing bill

5005      Retirement

5007      State Employees

5009      Health Insurance Benefits for State Employees

5011      State Information Technology


I.                    House Agriculture & Natural Resources / Senate General Government


Lead Manager:  Rep. T. Williams, Chair


Conference Managers:



Rep. Artiles

Rep. Bembry

Rep. Boyd

Rep. Crisafulli

Rep. Goodson

Rep. Porter



Conforming Bills:


5601      License to Carry a Concealed Weapon

1986      Water Management Districts


II.                  House Government Operations / Senate General Government


Lead Manager:  Rep. Hooper, Chair


Conference Managers:



Rep. Berman

Rep. Gibbons

Rep. Mayfield

Rep. Nelson

Rep. Patronis

Rep. Watson

Rep. Weinstein



Conforming Bills:


843        Department of Lottery

5501      One Stop Business Registration Portal

5503      One Stop Business Registration Clearing TF

5505      Department of Financial Services

5507      Department of Management Services

5509      State Data Center System

5511      Department of Business and Professional Regulation


III.                House Health Care / Senate Health and Human Services


Lead Manager:  Rep. Hudson, Chair


Conference Managers:



Rep. Baxley

Rep. Bileca

Rep. Corcoran

Rep. Cruz

Rep. Davis

Rep. Diaz

Rep. Pafford

Rep. Schwartz

Rep. Wood

Rep. Young



Conforming Bills:


5301      Medicaid Services

5303      Department of Children and Family Services

1990      Developmental Disabilities


IV.                House Higher Education / Senate Higher Education


Lead Managers:               Rep. O’Toole, Chair

Rep. Proctor, Acting Co-Chair

Rep. Gonzalez, Acting Co-Chair


Conference Managers:



Rep. Ahern

Rep. Bullard

Rep. Harrison

Rep. Nuñez

Rep. Oliva

Rep. Passidomo

Rep. Reed

Rep. Stargel

Rep. Taylor

Rep. Trujillo

Rep. A. Williams



Conforming Bills:


5201      Postsecondary Education Funding

5203      Reemployment Services

1994      Postsecondary Education


V.                  House Justice / Senate Criminal and Civil Justice


Lead Manager:  Rep. Glorioso, Chair


Conference Managers:



Rep. Eisnaugle

Rep. Grant

Rep. Harrell

Rep. McBurney

Rep. Metz

Rep. Perry

Rep. Pilon

Rep. Rouson

Rep. Soto

Rep. Waldman



Conforming Bills:


5401      Juvenile Detention

5403      State Court Revenues

5405      Clerks of Court

1958      Department of Health

1960      State Judicial System

1964      Court Related Assessments

1968      Criminal Justice



VI.                House PreK-12 / Senate Education PreK-12


Lead Manager:   Rep. Coley, Chair


Conference Managers:



Rep. Adkins

Rep. Clarke-Reed

Rep. Fresen

Rep. Gaetz

Rep. Hager

Rep. Kiar

Rep. Logan

Rep. Smith

Rep. Thompson



Conforming Bills:


5101      Prekindergarten through K-12 Ed

5103      School Readiness


VII.              House Transportation & Economic Development / Senate Transportation, Tourism and Economic Development


Lead Manager:  Rep. Horner, Chair


Conference Managers:



Rep. Bernard

Rep. Brandes

Rep. Brodeur

Rep. Broxson

Rep. Burgin

Rep. Drake

Rep. Nehr

Rep. Rogers

Rep. Workman



Conforming Bills:


1996      Department of Economic Opportunity

1998      Transportation


VIII.            House Finance & Tax / Senate Finance and Tax


Lead Manager:  Rep. Precourt, Chair


Conference Managers:



Rep. Albritton

Rep. Caldwell

Rep. Costello

Rep. Julien

Rep. Ray

Rep. Randolph

Rep. Rooney

Rep. Steube

Rep. Thurston


Conforming Bills:


87          Tax on Severance and Production of Oil

737        Sales Tax Holiday

5701      Corporate Income Tax

5703      Communication Services Tax  (Pending procedural action)

7087      Economic Development (Pending procedural action) 



Budget Conference Tentative Schedule


Pursuant to House Rule 7.22, conference committees are authorized to begin noticed meetings at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 28, 2012, until 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 2, 2012, at which point any unresolved conference issues will be bumped to the budget chairs.


Members should anticipate the House recessing from scheduled Floor session each day this week as necessary to allow time for conference meetings.  Conference committee members should also anticipate morning and evening meetings outside of our scheduled Floor session.


Budget Allocations

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